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A Very Short Story

I wake up even though I’m not awake. My mind projects a long list of chores on the ceiling. Charlie will be back in two days. I have to work twenty hours in the next two days. I want an afternoon to myself before the vicious…

I went to a bar last night. For the first time in 14 months. For the first time, I drank cheap beer. I was a part of polite conversations. I had one genuine connection with someone I’ve never met before. We followed each other on instagram at the end of…

From 2016 — Performed at Your Stories

I love reading biographies of towering figures confronting taxing challenges. I watch documentaries about people beating the odds. I listen to friends breakups of life mishaps. My favorite moment of this year’s olympics was Hiroki Ogita’s own penis robbing him the Olympic…


if you leave me alone, i will love you forever.

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